From Closet to Coffee: Connecting the Aspirational with the Inspirational

Fashion is a reflection of who we are and who we’d like to become. Simply put, fashion is art - it signifies our culture and experiences and allows us to experiment with looks that best reflect our personality. Fashion is an outlet that empowers us to differentiate ourselves from the crowd while still being a part of a community.

The Aspirational - (adjective): having or showing a desire to achieve a high level of success or social status.

In today’s society, social media is constantly showcasing successful people to us - whether it’s real or not, we still find ourselves wanting to achieve more - and that’s amazing! However, success is best met with authentic intentions.

The aspirational are those who are seeking to connect and build relationships with those who are already in the fields that they’d like to be in. It’s about growing and living a life that you’re going to be proud. I mean, let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be great to reflect on your success when you’re an old woman sitting on the front porch of your dream home, knowing that you didn’t just become successful, but you also led and inspired a generation of young women and men?! #LifeGoals

The Inspirational - (adjective): the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions of people.
Everyone has the potential to be inspiring is some way, shape or form. The inspirational are everyday people who have achieved the success that we hope to accomplish one day. They’re the movers and the shakers, the leaders and the freedom fighters - they’re the type of person we hope to someday become.

From Closet to Coffee:
Between the numerous networking events and the ups and downs of fast fashion, it can be challenging to dress the part and know how to make the first move. Our goal at Sonder is to connect women to closets and opportunities. A lot of young women are looking to those who are accomplished or have a closet full of gold, so to speak. Fashion is a common ground where women can connect, share ideas and make lasting connections through our social network and community platform.

Sonder provides an outlet for women to rent, lend and communicate. We are working on launching our first full early adopter program in 2019 with a gradual roll-out for our social networking opportunities.

Whether you need an outfit for a one-time event, or require tips and tricks for that really important interview, we’ve got you covered!

Connect with the Community
If you’re looking to rent, lend or build a network of really cool women, then sign-up for our early adopters’ program and we’ll be in touch with next steps. What are you waiting for? Opportunity doesn’t knock twice!