The Top 5 Benefits to Leasing Your Wardrobe

Ten years ago, the thought of renting your home or car was an unfathomable thought.

What if it gets damaged?”
“What if someone steals from my home?”

We get so caught-up with thinking negatively, but just imagine the seeds we could sow if we put a little positive thinking into action.

“What if I had the chance to make a positive impact?”
“What if I had the opportunity to make an additional income?”

In 2016, Airbnb co-founder, Joe Gebbie gave a TED Talk about trust. He expressed that:

“…building the right amount of trust takes the right amount of disclosure. Turns out, people are justified in their trust. And when trust works out right, it can be absolutely magical.”

From his story, we learned that trust goes both ways - between the lender and renter - when we learn to trust each other, great can happen. Fast forward from 2009 to 2019, we’ve come a long way in, especially in the sharing economy. Now the question is, would you take it to the next level and rent your wardrobe to a stranger?

Here are the top five reasons why leasing is the latest trend for you and your wardrobe:

  1. Side Hustle
    Selling is a limited option - once you’re outfit is sold, that’s it, you’ve made a one-time transactions on a piece that didn’t really carry much value to you in the first place. Leasing or renting your outfits can accrue in value overtime. Shopping for outfits is no longer about the one-time use, it’s about the value you get from the investment you make! A lender can make on average $50-$150 a week on rentals.

  2. Positive Impact on the Environment
    Canadians are contributing ~9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfills each year (The Recycling Council of Ontario, 2018). By renting your clothes (and renting from others), you’re increasing the life of an outfit, reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion within the circular economy - sounds like a win-win-win!

  3. Mentorship
    Young women are in need of mentorship and coaching opportunities - whether it’s through a short online exchange or an in person coffee - it’s something we need to be more conscientious of. Only 54% of Canadian women have such opportunities, what about the other half? By lending your closet and time online, you can impact the future of a young woman looking to make a connection through “fashionable networking.”

  4. It’s Simple!
    Lending has never been so simple and clutter-free! Lending outfits is as easy as putting your outfit in the box provided and sending it off with the courier - the only part you need to take care of in ensuring that it’s cleaned and ready for the next user.

  5. Reinvest In People & Yourself
    By participating in a peer-to-peer rental model, you have the opportunity to invest in raising the confidence of other women by providing her with a beautiful outfit for an important event. In addition, the extra income allows you to reinvest in whatever way you please!

We’ve seen great success in designer rentals with companies such as Rent The Runway and Rent Frock Repeat, but now we’re introducing a revolutionized way to rent and share directly from ambitious and fashionable women like yourself! Check out our early adopter program to learn how you can get involved!

[Check out Joe’s TED Talk].