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The Rise of Modest Fashion

The fashion world is a tough place for women. We are made to feel as though we need to dress a certain way to be portrayed as “sexy” or “beautiful”. When it comes down to fashion choices, it should be as simple as wearing whatever makes you feel good about yourself. For me, that is dressing modestly.

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From Closet to Coffee: Connecting the Aspirational with the Inspirational

Fashion is a reflection of who we are and who we’d like to become. Simply put, fashion is art - it signifies our culture and experiences and allows us to experiment with looks that best reflect our personality. Fashion is an outlet that empowers us to differentiate ourselves from the crowd while still being a part of a community.

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Our Top 8 Girl Boss Moments of 2018

The feeling of accomplishing a lot, but never enough, is the growing pain of every entrepreneur! In order to succeed, you need to celebrate the wins and reflect back on all that you’ve accomplished. Growth is the most integral part of the journey. If you’re not growing, neither is your business. Check out our first-ever post discussing the growth of entrepreneurship and our “Girl Boss” moments in 2018.

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